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Massage Services Peaceful Journeys 
Amherst, NH. 03031

Certified graduate of New Hampshire Institute of Therapeutic Arts,
Licensed Massage Therapist, NH - January 2013.

Carol Lipkin offers Deep Tissue/Trigger Point & Thai Massage Bodywork
in a 75 - 90 minute session.
90 minutes = $90.00.

It is my goal and hope to help those struggling with chronic pain, muscle tension, or simply maintenance through massage.  Our bodies go through phases within our lives and take on stress in which it is just as important to relax and get a massage as it is to seeing a doctor on a regular basis.  This is because massage can be preventative and allows for release and ease from long term or chronic health issues.

Schedule an appointment today via email or phone.  

Carol Lipkin - Peaceful Journeys


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Give the gift of Massage this Holiday
3-Pack Massage (75-90 minutes)

Massage Therapy is a safe option that has shown to be effective for many health issues, including:

Low-Back Pain

Post-Operative Pain


Research also shows that massage can provide relief for various mental health issues, including:




Seasonal Effective Disorder. 

Studies indicate that massage therapy has a variety of benefits for helping people

recover from surgeries, including:

Decreasing postoperative pain and intensity

Reducing postoperative stress and anxiety

Decreasing doses of analgesics

Reducing inflammation and scar tissue

Helping regain full range of motion without discomfort

Aiding in the re-alignment of muscles and joints.

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