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Yoga classes in Amherst
Image copyright (Sid Ceaser Photography).
Rev. Carol Lipkin E-RYT, RYT, KYT
Rev. Carol Lipkin, Founder of Peaceful Journeys Yoga, Meditation & Massage Centre, has 27 years of focused study practicing, teaching, learning yoga, meditation and yoga philosophy. Ordained as an Interfaith Reverend in July, 2022.  A certified teacher in Kripalu Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Level I Circus Yoga. Certification as a Spiritual Mentor and a Certified graduate of New Hampshire Institute of Therapeutic Arts, Licensed Massage Therapist January 2013, Thai Yoga Bodywork (Level I & II).


Carol’s yoga studies have included Sanskrit Mantra, Spiritual Studies and an 8-month certificate program on the Bhagavad Gita; Hindu Philosophy, specifically of the Vedic Culture of India, Upanishads, MahaBharata, and Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. Her practice experiences have been in the Kripalu, (Hatha, Ashtanga) and Kundalini traditions. Rev. Carol Lipkin runs a traditional/spiritual based centre that offers more than just yoga.   


Carol also holds a BFA degree in Photography from the New Hampshire Institute of Art; her final thesis exhibition was a dramatic ‘mixed media’ evocation of humanity, portraying the innate cultural unity of consciousness and existence within the diversity of our human form and species.  

“As a teacher/guide, I have particularly focused my training and teaching to accommodate my students needs in proper alignment and their own unique experience.  To ASSIST is to further carry the students experience to the level of understanding ‘The Mind, Body & Spirit’ connection.” 

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