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Welcome to Peaceful Journeys Community...  

Come explore other local and small businesses as this is a page that shares in community.  

Peaceful Journeys Community

Simple Soul Yoga & Peaceful Journeys

Our joint mission statement:

To provide the space for students to learn new skills and embrace their wholeness through the traditions of yoga, meditation & massage.

To enrich the Connection and Quality of life that we experience in body, mind & spirit.

To deeply respect and honor ourselves and each other; to know we are worthy of love.  

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Simple Soul Yoga
Our Mission

Comprehensive Yoga Therapy

Do you wish to deepen your yoga practice or address a chronic health condition?  All students are welcome to a free 20 minute consultation.  Yoga Therapy is a powerful, fulfilling approach to self care.

"The only way you can grow is to let yourself make mistakes and create contradictions.  As we learn new things, some of our old attitudes will change."


For more information please visit:


Please note:  Although Michelle's classes are separate from Peaceful Journeys, she is to me a partner in community and we support each other to provide the needs of all whom enter our space.  

We look forward to sharing the gifts of yoga with you...

Visit the Tree of Life Interfaith Temple

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