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 Yoga, Meditation & Massage in Amherst, NH.

Yoga, like life, is a Journey ... 


Peaceful Journey’s mission is to provide an atmosphere for all,  to gain the benefits of traditional/spiritual eastern yoga philosophy, yoga, meditation, and massage. It is our sincere aspiration to meet students with compassion, patience and love where they are in the moment; we endeavor to provide for your own unique yogic experience with gentleness and compassion. 

Peaceful Journeys Yoga, Meditation & Massage Centre

76 State Route 101A  Unit 10

Amherst, NH 03031

Tel: 603.801.5294


Yoga classes in Amherst

"Ring the bells that still can ring

 Forget your perfect offering

 There is a crack in everything 

    That's how the light gets in."     

                   Leonard Cohen


Simple Soul Yoga & Peaceful Journeys

Our joint mission statement:

To provide the space for students to learn new skills and embrace their wholeness through the traditions of yoga, meditation & massage.

To enrich the Connection and Quality of life that we experience in body, mind & spirit.

To deeply respect and honor ourselves and each other; to know we are worthy of love.  

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