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Private Yoga

At your home


Peaceful Journeys Studio

76 State Route 101A  Unit 10 

Amherst, NH. 03031

Yoga... Beyond the Pose.

Would you like to deepen your practice while gaining a better understanding of anatomy & Kinesiology in yoga postures?

Would you like to learn the basics of yoga but do not know where to start?  Would you like a private class with your husband/wife before committing to a group session?  Book a private session with Carol to receive the benefits and knowledge of yoga and anatomy.  

Private Sessions are $60.00 for 1 hour.  

If you would like to set up a consultation (Free) contact: Rev. Carol Lipkin at: 603.801.5294.


***Although I’m not an advanced student, I’ve practiced yoga for many years. After a while, though, it felt as if I were stagnating and regular yoga classes didn’t offer me the individual attention I needed to deepen and expand my practice. After a lot of research of different instructors I scheduled private yoga lessons with Carol. It made an enormous difference! Carol knows several different branches of yoga and as a Licensed Massage Therapist has a deep knowledge of anatomy and kinesiology. Based on her experience and wisdom she was able to explain why I struggled with some poses and offer alternatives. She also gave me the courage to go deeper into others. I even tried new poses that I had not thought possible. Working with Carol completely revitalized my practice and allowed me to move forward. Anyone who would like transform their practice should consider taking private lessons. They had a transformational effect on me.  D.L.

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