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Amherst, NH. 03031  
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 We look forward to sharing the gifts of

Therapeutic Yoga, Meditation & Massage with you.  

Pricing for Yoga Pass Cards PJS

10 Pass - $115.00

4 Pass - $50.00

6 Pass - $70.00

Unlimited - $99.00 a month

Do to Covid19 certain classes are being run via home base through Zoom to protect our students/clients. 

Contact us for zoom details at:


You may also access Michelle Folan's classes via zoom on Tuesdays:

These past few months have been surreal, and now we are slowly beginning to venture out of our homes again. Still, the surreal aspect hovers like a cloud.  The strangeness is unique and everything appears still unsettled.  I have created this newsletter to reflect the lingering aspects of Covid19.  During my college years I studied Jerry Uelsmann as I admired his photography, but as I thought about this for the newsletter I could not help but realize how fitting it is for these times.  


Both myself/Michelle, Peaceful Journeys/Simple Soul Yoga have been lucky as small business owners during this time of Covid19.  For without YOU!, our clients, students I imagine we would have had to close.  It is with so much appreciation that we THANK YOU ALL, and more so I/Carol Gaudreau could not have done this without the help of CHERI SHANNON!  I commend her for everything she has done with Skype/Zoom classes and rallying you all to show up on the mat while she held her full time day job...  I was a bit slow myself jumping on the bandwagon of zoom classes and although we all, myself/Cheri & Michelle would prefer to share our classes with you in person it appears we cannot do so still. Peaceful Journeys & Simple Soul Yoga are and will survive this. 


I wanted to THANK YOU ALL for your continued support as it has helped keep the business running and open! As a business (Peaceful Journeys) we received a government loan that is forgivable up to 100% and recently was awarded the Main St. Business Grant!  This has indeed helped greatly, and we were able to keep the rent paid and the doors open.

We would so love to have you all back in the studio again but we do not have the capacity to hold classes with people 6, 8 or 10 feet apart.  WE MISS YOU! (IN PERSON) ALL OF OUR CLIENTS/STUDENTS...  

Until we meet again, ZOOM is our platform.   

Peaceful Journeys Yoga, Meditation & Massage Centre

76 State Route 101A  Unit 10

Amherst, NH 03031

Tel: 603.801.5294